Cincinnati, Ohio

The sixty fifth largest city in the United States and the third largest city in Ohio is none other than Cincinnati. Cincinnati is located in Hamilton County on the north side of the Ohio River. The state of Kentucky serves as its outer border. Almost three hundred thousand people reside with this cities limits. When Cincinnatiís metropolitan area is combined with cities Wilmington and Middletown the population becomes over two million. This ranks Ohio as the twenty eighth largest Metropolitan area in the United States.

Cincinnati Butlercounty

Cincinnati was cultivated in the nineteenth century. Cincinnati was called the United Stateís Boomtown. At the time it was the largest and wealthiest city on the east coast. In 1840 it was ranked as Americaís sixth largest city. The state held this title until 1860. Cincinnati has been referenced as the original solely American city. This title is derived from the fact that the birth of Cincinnati came immediately after the American Revolution. It was the first city to arise during the aftermath.

Germans were the first to immigrate Cincinnati. This was noteworthy because most eastern cities at the time were being inhabited by Europeans. The Germans influenced the cultural foundation. Nearing the end of the century dawned a new era of the railroad trade. The railroad began the decline of the use of steamboat trade. This halted Cincinnatiís growth progression. Cities that were located more inland like Chicago began to flourish. The West then began to grow. People followed the railroad production and populations migrated towards the west coast.

Cincinnati may no longer have one of the top ten largest populations but it still has one of the largest University Campuses. The University of Cincinnati is in the top fifty largest American Campuses. Cincinnati is also home to the MLB team Cincinnati Reds and NFL team Cincinnati Bengals.